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We have helped many women with passion, perseverance and attitude to start their technology careers.
See some of their stories here in their own words:

Achieve the Career of your Dreams in Technology

It doesn’t matter if you are self-taught, have formal training, or wish to change careers or have recently graduated,
we are ready to help you start your tech career through a full-time paid internship at one of our partner recruitment organizations.

Connect with Employers

Candidates are carefully matched with hiring companies for compatibility in technical skills, social skills, workplace suitability and organizational culture.

Get on-the-job experience

Continue to learn and develop your skill set during your paid learning with the mentoring and support of Pioneras

Get a full time job

We want to support you in your job placement process, and effectively make you part of the industry.

Our vision is simple

At WOMINT, we seek to create career paths for women who want to work in technology from different backgrounds.

We are passionate about inclusion and diversity in the workplace, especially in technology.

How it works

We help job seekers enter the field of technology by matching qualified and motivated workers from all different backgrounds with employers experiencing talent shortages.

More opportunities

Technology talent exists in all fields, but the opportunity to start a career in technology is often not affordable for many women.
We work to level the playing field and change that.

Develop skills, get a job

We believe that if you have the skills to learn by doing, work hard and keep learning, then you have the ability to get the job of your dreams.

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